Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beyond the next 12 months

During the organic gardening course at CAT I was struck by the time-scales that the projects were being run on.  The leaders shared with us their own experiments with composting, gardening and reclaiming materials and the idea of 6-12 months being 'short' and 'being impatient' amused me.  The last years of my life have been such that being able to think or plan beyond 12 months has been more of a joke than possibility, let alone do something that you expect to wait for 2, 5, 10 or more years for results from.

And I know that is what I have been craving - the stability and place to be based in order to flow with and change along with it.  To plant a seed knowing that it may be 1 year or longer before I see a flower or taste its fruit.  And in the last 3 months I have seen myself getting more comfortable with it.  Putting in horseradish that will take a year to establish before we can use it; seeing trees planted and thinking I may be around to see them grow; burying cherries in order to ferment and sprout the seeds - waiting until next spring to see which seeds are ready to be planted and then being ready to wait for their seedlings to emerge.   I have slowed down and settled in - the first week home I could barely wait until a seed took a few weeks to sprout, and now I am thinking of trees that will only bear fruit in 3-4 years time.  

Alberta's big horizons have always impressed me - maybe they are making an impression in me.

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