Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost there

In one week - next Thursday - I should be picking up my thesis from the printers and taking it over to mail off to the UK.  I am almost done: almost because there is still some editing to do, some areas I am not satisfied with, a title page and final bibliography to pull together.  Almost because until I mail it - it will never be done.  Almost because no matter how close or how far away the deadline was - it will never be done.  In fact I only now feel equipped to really begin.  It's a familiar feeling - one that I have had every time a project (big or small) ends.  I guess its a sign of being alive, being driven to learn, being ready for the next step.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coming due

2.5 weeks until I need to post my thesis.  That makes me slightly nauseous.
I really want to hand in something solid at the end of this month and also to hand it in at the end of this month and so balancing a feeling of aiming for completion with a feeling of aiming for perfection and hoping to find satisfaction somewhere in between.