Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Procrastination and other projects :)

To some people - they may see my putterings in the garden and yard as procrastination.  I consider these projects as key to my 'coming home' and 'becoming native to this place' - you'd be surprised how much of my thesis is formed while I do the following:

- turn the compost that I started just over a month ago: it really is decomposing!
- help my single zucchini plant pollinate itself (I hope) by taking a qtip to the male flower and then the female
- picked pineapple weed from our front lawn and hung up to dry to make into a tea
- helped Dad with shingling the shed in the back yard

All this and 800 words, editing and some research.

Pretty good day!  Off to yoga now :)

(jalepenos on the GrOw)

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