Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When it comes to thinking about and planning for writing my thesis - I have been at this for months.  My topic emerged and clicked for me in early November and has been with me through the lessons, long walks, conversations and readings since.  I have anticipated this moment: when all the 'work' in front of me related to it and I am to focus, solely, on research and writing about "How resilient are the farming communities of East Central Alberta (Canada)?"

And I woke up with a familiar feeling - anxiety, doubt and apprehension combined with excitement, confidence and consciousness.  From the recent experience of writing the 5 short papers for our courses - this feeling is familiar.  It is a similar feeling that one might get on the morning of a long journey.  You have a rough idea of what lies in front of you and the milestones along the way, and even know when you expect to return.  You know why you are taking the journey and are excited for the unexpected events that you know you can't and shouldn't plan for...  but the ambiguity and the knowing that you will have to get a bit lost and spun around in order to fully enjoy the trip creates a bit of caution and nervousness.

So here I am - finishing up packing my bags (metaphorically) and getting ready to step out the door into the journey ahead.  The sun is shining across the garden and the birds are singing a tune of encouragement - so I shall face the blank paper, reveling in the tingle along my spine.

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