Saturday, May 15, 2010

Circling the Labyrinth

This week I spent quite a bit of time mapping out the scope and timeline of my thesis, going through lists of books and websites that I have bookmarked over the last months, talking through my ideas with our course tutors.  I realised what I have been doing is circling around the outside of the labyrinth that I am about to enter.  

Over the last months - the labyrinth has become a physical presence and a deep metaphor for me.  The overall process as well as many small processes (each paper, for examples) that I have gone through here has felt like walking a labyrinth.  Walking deep inside the pattern, the image - sometimes I am able to let go and enjoy the journey, knowing I will be led out again; other times feeling like I am in a maze that I won't find a way out of.  Knowing the process of writing my thesis will be like this - I have been preparing myself, mentally and emotionally, to step again onto the Labyrinth's path.

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