Monday, April 2, 2012

Building Bridges for Islands: GFSA Blog

I wrote up a reflection for Growing Food Security in Alberta on the recent Joel Salatin presentation's that we attended in Lacombe and Coronation and it was just posted on their blog:
“We’re building bridges for islands in the prairie.”
That was the feeling in the room in Coronation as people began to arrive to hear Joel Salatin, of Polyface farms (, speak.
For farmers who are looking to raise livestock and produce food in ways that are rooted in ecological principles, Joel is somewhat of a role model. His books like “The Sheer Ecstasy of being a Lunatic Farmer”, “Salad Bar Beef”, and “You Can Farm” have provided inspiration, motivation and laughter. His story about his farm is a positive one as he shows the growth in healthy soil that has occurred under the stewardship of his father, himself and his children. Plus the farm is supporting three generations of the family (generation number four growing up there too) and 20 individuals. This is not the common story on farms in the USA and Canada.
For my husband and I, the chance to see Joel without having to travel very far was an excellent opportunity to also have our parents and siblings get further insight into our line of thinking. We attended both the Lacombe evening presentation with all of our parents in tow. Then the next day we drove out to Coronation with his mother and sister. Events like these are not 100% about the individual giving the presentation: they are about the conversations you have with people at the event and with your partner when you get home.

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