Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twitter-feed update

Whew! Where did April and May go?  We're into June and I guess the testament to my activity is that I haven't had time to sit and blog.   Something I want to change and need to build into my practice.  I thought I would use my 'tweets' from the last months as a way to play catch up:

30 Mar - Off to check out milk cows under a BLUE sky
2 Apr - Sitting down to write article on agroecology and missing my view over Schumacher College garden
12 Apr - wondering if others get to the point where they wish the words would jump from their brain to the paper without going through fingers
18 Apr - Back on the porch with a book and the sun... Oh how I missed this in the winter
21 Apr - PC candidate says election is about leadership & talks of "steady hand of Harper"... Oh that's what it's called.
21 Apr - PC candidate doesn't think questions from Sask. farmers valid bc they aren't in his consisutency. That's leadership...
21 Apr - PC candidate says this is "Kevin in haha"... doesn't make me laugh.
26 Apr - Currently reading 40 Gardening Tips to Maximize Your Harvest
27 Apr - Used to follow StanleyCup by wesbites and texts from friends.  Back in Canada and its still twitter that's my playoff source.
28 Apr - Chairs & tables all set & ready 4 Viking Sustainability Fair TOMORROW!
28 Apr - The first solar panel just arrived at the Viking Sustainability Fair
30 Apr - Viking Sustainability Fair comes a close.. Bring on the Power of the Land dinner and concert with the Dandylionesses!
30 Apr - Just saw the northern lights for the first since moving home, lovely end to a great weekend.
2 May - If you will take 10 minutes to go through the Tim Horton's drive-thru, why not take 10 minutes to go through democracy?
2 May - Planned the 'intown' garden (mom and dad's) and arrange seeds in order of earliest planting.
2 May - Getting ready to garden... Although some would argue that I've been gardening since March!
9 May - Been playing in the garden all day - with my shoes off and feet in the dirt!
10 May - planted (most) of my parents garden today and now dreaming of the first salad that comes out to go with our BBQ
11 May - Registration for the Alberta Permaculture Convergence is now open!
11 May - Just made my first batch of homemade mayo and now pondering the possibilities for innovation...
11 May - First ticket for the Alberta permaculture convergence paid for... And registration only started today!
13 May - Getting ready to plant potatoes and looking forward to seeing the gems these grow!
14 May - After a week of planting (gardens & trees) nice to have fresh greens & we didn't even plant them: nettles, lambs quarters, wild chive.
15 May - With 6200trees to plant, it's treeaplalooza around here.  Sitting in the calm shelter of trees in the middle of this wind, it's worth the effort.
18 May - Just heard that my Jerusalem artichoke order is on it's way! More planting to do!
18 May - I htink I can say mom & dad's garden is 'in.' Only potatoes 2 plant @ community plot & I'm on to V's place.
18 May - hello rain, welcome!
20 May - My Jimmy Nardello is blooming!
21 May - Another day, another garden to plant.
24 May - Favorite magazines these days? SmallFarmCanada and MotherEarthNews
30 May - seem to have motivation for anything BUT sitting inside and doing computer based work
31 May - trying alightheart's trick: going to start writing before I notice
31 May - Spent the morning interviewing a local rabbit farmer... So guess what I had for supper? :)
1 Jun - wicked answer to common question 'where to you live?' - 'in a prairie ecosystem'
6 Jun - Moments to remember forever: being the backyard with Mom as a flock of 10-15 waxwings land in our apple tree.
6 Jun - rhubarb chutney simmering and spruce-tip vodka infusing... time for a nice bath.
TODAY - All the plants have been moved outside and the shuffleboard is once again a shuffleboard... the basement looks so much bigger!

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