Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting into the Flow with Waterlution and the Lab 2010

I'm catching up on my blogging here - I'm almost a month 'behind' in getting this out which tells you a lot about the last month.   Rich in experience and only now taking the time to write out reflections or share the adventures.

The 18th-24th October gave me the chance to bring together the content of my Master's programme and thesis with the experience I've had in hosting and facilitation.  
The Canadian Water Innovation Lab 2010, an 'unconference' hosted by Waterlution started with about 40 of us gathering together at the Banff Centre for the Arts to build our hosting skills and to connect as the team that would then be a platform for the 180 others we would meet up with at Camp Chief Hector.  This Pre-Lab allowed to enjoy being a participant and to reconnect to the kind of process and hosting work that I had been doing 'pre-MSc.'  It was a good way to settle back into this role and to 'dust off' some of the skills that I had left a bit on the side shelf while working on my masters.  It allowed me to observe where I want to be engaged and also what I am comfortable with letting others take on.

Then there was the Lab itself.  The article below (from the East Central Alberta Review, 11 November) and the videos that can be found on the Waterlution site (I would say start with Part 5 & 6) can give you more details on it.  From a reflection point of view I am left with two key points:
- how important the process is: the process of connecting with others, exploring together and co-evolving into our new ways of being.  Many of the participants were experts in their field of water but the main challenge has been the engagement with others, the communication flow and the (lack of?) deep dialogue
- how much I have learned about food, agriculture and the Alberta context:  felt good to get feedback and response to the thoughts that have been crammed into my head and on to paper through the process of my thesis

It was an amazing experience to step into right out of the Master's - a uniting of my work (content and process)  and a connecting to so many more amazing individuals from this land (and waters :) ) 
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